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Xeomin is a highly purified type A botulinum toxin with increased safety and efficacy of application for the correction of mimic wrinkles in the area around the eyes and mouth, eyebrows, or forehead. Xeomin smoothes without the effect of the “mask”

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Xeomin is a botulinum toxin type A. It has gone through many scientific kinds of research and has shown amazing results. Filler Supplies can supply you with 100U 1 vials of this product. Doctors who use botulinum toxin type A must have the appropriate training in use or high qualification in such treatment. You can buy XEOMIN online at our online store..

Xeomin 100U is a prescription medicine product used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. Also to treat abnormal head position, and neck pain that happens with cervical dystonia. Also to improve eyelids who had prior treatment with ana botulinum toxin type A.

Do not use this product for children.

If the patient has allergic reactions to any of the components of botulinum type A or has skin injections at the planned injection area do not use Xeomin.

Xeomin 100U as well as other products of botulinum type A has side effects like:

  • problems with breathing
  • swallowing and speaking,
  • tiredness,
  • eye problems.

There are some steps to do before the doctor injects Xeomin: inform your physician about a disease that affects your muscles or nerves, allergic reactions, if you had surgery on your face if you have asthma or emphysema, swallowing, breathing problems history, bleeding problems. One more important is to tell about all medicines you take including vitamins and herbal supplements.

After you receive Xeomin avoid dangerous activities. This precaution is needed because Xeomin may cause loss of general muscles weakness drooping eyelids, loss of strength, and blurred vision. These symptoms can happen hours to weeks after you receive an injection of XEOMIN.

People with certain breathing problems may need to use muscles in their neck to help them breathe. These patients may be at greater risk for serious breathing problems with XEOMIN.

The active ingredient of Xeomin is botulinum toxin A and the inactive are sucrose and human albumin.

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