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PRX-T33 Peel is a non-injectable bio-revitalizer used to restore the skin’s natural radiance, prevent dermal aging, and treat scars and stretch marks. It also stimulates fibroblasts and growth factors, without causing inflammation and damaging the skin. This unique product is a pain-free treatment that gives instant results and leaves the skin tighter and younger looking.

The pack consists of:

5 x 4ml vials

Benefits of PRX-T33 Peel:

Treats skin elastosis on the face and cleavage

Prevents atrophic scarring

Treats melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

How to use PRX T-33 Peel:

Use a needle (18G) to puncture the vial cap. Attach a syringe to the needle and draw the desired amount of product. Remove the needle from the syringe and use the needleless syringe to apply a circumscribed quantity of the product to the well-cleaned skin of the area to be treated. Remove all residue with a piece of gauze soaked in water. Use a suitable product to restore the hydrolipidic film of the skin.


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